Why should I buy Haymakers?

The Haymakers are not your typical headphone system, they were built to compete with similar products like Beats’s studio wireless headphones, but they far exceed the capabilities of any headphone on the market.

Reason’s to buy:

  • Not completely composed out of cheap materials, like our competitors who use injection molded plastic, vinyl and leather.
  • The Haymaker’s are built out of premium materials, i.e. Formed Titanium, Sprung Titanium, Carbon Fiber, Titanium hardware and Ultra-Leather speaker pads and headband padding. 
  • The Haymaker’s feature the latest Bluetooth technology offering excellent range. 
  • Touch Sensor Controls, something you won’t find with our competitors. 
  • We supply our customers with the option of either on-ear or over-ear speaker pads. Both are included, simply change out the speaker pad to your desire fit. 
  • 100% waterproof/submergible system. Also not found in our competitors products.
  • RGB LED’s, need we say more? You can customize your Haymaker’s on the fly. Change the logo color and Haymaker name on the headband to any color you desire. 

Where can I buy Haymakers?

The Haymakers can be purchased from our online store at www.the-haymaker.com and select retail stores.

Can I purchase the customized Haymaker version?

All Haymakers are customizable in color

How do you change the color of the Logo and Name on the Headband?

Simply touch the logo or the name on the headband once to change the color once, or touch it several times until you reach your desired color.

Are Haymakers waterproof?

Yes. IPX45 water resistant rating, meaning our headphones can withstand pressurized water. However, we do not recommend submerging them under water.

How do I change out the speaker pads?

  • We will post a video on how to do this, but it’s very simple.
  • Simply pull outward on and edge of the speaker pad, you will see release, as it does just work it around the circumference of the speaker until it slides off. 
  • To replace the speaker pad, insert the thinnest part of the speaker pad into the grove, then work it around the circumference of the speaker until it slides into place. 

How long does the system take to recharge?

2 to 3 hours to fully recharge.

How long is battery life?

  • When powered on in Bluetooth mode, you can expect 20 hours of full power play.
  • When cable is attached, expect 30 hours of full power play. 

Do you offer replacement parts?

Yes we offer replacement parts and new carrying cases, chargers and cables

How long are the Haymakers expected last?

Most headphones are designed to fail or be thrown away after 2 years. We designed the haymakers to last 10+ years – to never be thrown away. We offer replacement parts if necessary and repair work even after warranty term is up. We do no care to make money on repairs, we simply charge what it costs us to fix the product plus shipping. We offer the standard 1 year warranty against manufacturer defects.

Do you sell in all countries?

Yes, Haymakers are available in all countries

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