About Us

Haymaker is owned by Peak Audio LLC, a company founded by Matt Bremyer. Haymaker focuses on building products that our customers love, by building in features that allow you to custom tailor your headphones to your desire. We focus on building products that are worth what you pay, all systems built by Haymaker feature premium materials. Unlike our competitors, we believe in giving our customers systems that will last and stay in excellent working condition as long as you own them.

Matt is like you, he loves music, so his goal with Haymaker and all of his products is to provide you with unparalleled experience and function. At the same time providing customers with a headphone system that is built out of premium materials like polycarbonate. Where our competitors skimp on the materials to save a buck, we will not. Our goal is to give you the product you thought couldn’t exist, the best performance in every aspect.


Our Warranty

The Haymaker team loves this product, and knows everything about it. How it works, how it’s constructed and how to fix any and every aspect of the system if it ever wears out is dedication to our customer. Our tech support has been building headphones for years, though we don’t think you will have any problems with your Haymaker, if in the event you do, we are happy to help! All systems that require repair, will be repaired by Peak Audio at Peak Audio.

  • With Consumer In Mind

    The Haymakers are designed with the consumer in mind. Years of thought and planning went into the development of the Haymakers. Packing more features than any headphone system on the market, all the while maintaining a simple to use interface for navigating your music. The Haymakers are built to exceed your expectations, whether you are music enthusiast or a working professional!

  • Cutting Edge Technology

    Haymakers are not only built to look amazing, the pack serious technology. On each speaker cup hidden below the smooth as glass surface are 5 capacitive touch sensors. These touch sensors control the function of the headphone and your mobile device in which you tether to. The logos on the speaker cup and “Haymaker” on the headband are backlit LED’s and have several functions within themselves. The Haymaker headphone has an IPX6 waterproof level and adaptive noise canceling that can be powered on and off. This is just scratching the surface for technology built into the Haymaker! For the full list of features be sure to check them out on the headphones page!

  • Acoustic Performance

    The Haymaker is designed to bring you absolute best in acoustical experience. Haymakers deliver ground-pounding bass that hits harder than our competition yet does not distort at any volume. The mids are extremely clear and pack serious punch. Haymaker highs are so clean and crisp, hearing the full spectrum will make you wonder how this is all possible. Haymaker products are described as a live concert or club experience.

  • Quality Materials

    Built to last, the Haymaker is not a throwaway headphone system. Our competitors use one of four types of materials for their speaker enclosures (speaker cups), wood, aluminum, abs plastic or acrylic plastic. All of these materials are cheap and easy to manufacture and offer decent sound quality. We are not following our competitors lead, we want to be on the cutting edge of technology, influencing the future of headphones. We want all of our customers to be able to enjoy our product for as long as they own them, which is why we construct Haymakers out of polycarbonate! The Haymaker is a light weight yet extremely durable system.