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    UHD Hi-Res Sound and Realistic 3D Audio for immersive Gaming!

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With Consumer In Mind

The Haymakers are designed with the consumer in mind. Years of thought and planning went into the development of the Haymakers. Packing more features than any headphone system on the market, all the while maintaining a simple to use interface for navigating your music. The Haymakers are built to exceed your expectations, whether you are music enthusiast or a working professional!

Cutting Edge Technology

Haymakers are not only built to look amazing, they pack serious technology. On each speaker cup hidden below the smooth as glass surface are 5 capacitive touch sensors. These touch sensors control the function of the headphone. The logos on the speaker frame and “Haymaker” on the headband are backlit RGB LED’s and have several functions within themselves. The Haymaker headphone has an IP45 waterproof rating and dual mode adaptive noise canceling that can be powered on and off. This is just scratching the surface for technology built into the Haymaker!

Acoustic Performance

Haymakers are designed to bring you absolute best in acoustical experience.
Haymakers deliver ground-pounding crisp bass that hits hard, yet never distorts at any volume. The mid range is extremely clear and packs serious punch.

Haymaker highs are clean and crisp. This acoustical experience is what we like to call “a perfect balanced, full spectrum sound.” No distortion anywhere, no range overpowers the other, the perfect acoustic performance!

Quality Materials

Built to last, Haymakers are not a throwaway systems. Haymaker builds all products out of the most premium materials and components available. We at Haymaker strive to be on the cutting edge of technology, influencing the future of all products. We want all of our customers to be able to enjoy our product for as long as you own it! Which is precisely why we build from premium materials and components!